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TALS Fly Tubes

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Canoe Mounting

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Above pic shows how easy it can be to customize your canoe with TALS tubes and the Velcro® strips. As you can see your tackle is neatly organized, out of the way, and secured even if you tip over.
Pic at left shows the versatility of the TALS 500 which can be strapped to the canoe for easy access and security. The 500 is also nice when you want to beach the canoe and wade fish an area. The TALS system also eliminates the problem of securing your tackle when portaging.

Velcro Strips

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4" x 12" Velcro® brand adhesive backed strips.
Make sure surface is clean and dry before applying. We recommend a final cleaning of the area with some rubbing alcohol. When applying strip start by lining up and sealing one end then with the butt of your hand apply firm downward pressure while sealing down the entire length of the strip. This helps force any air pockets out which can lessen the final tack strength. Be sure to allow 24 hours of tack time in a dry area before using. If properly applied and allowed to tack the strips should not be affected by water. Operating temperature for adhesive is - 20°F to +150°F.

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