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TALS Fishing Pictures
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This Pennsylvania, White Deer Creek Brookie is bigger than he looks.

Jonn Graham

TALS Fisherman Mike Homan caught and released this 6 lb. plus, 27† chain pickerel on Pike Creek Dam, PA. Mike guessed the weight with the state record only being 8 lbs. You never know!

TALS Pro Staffer Jason with a nice Chesapeake Striper.

TALS co-inventor John Vargo with a monster Canadian Walleye!

TALS co-inventor John Vargo with a 21 3/4† smallmouth Ontario, Canada.

Wopper Walleye!

Central Ontario Smallmouths.

There was no rainbow or pot of gold in this Irish lake, just big pike and lots of ‹em! Co-inventor of TALS and V.P. of STYCORP LTD. John Vargo with a thick, 16 pounder. John had two monsters of the deep boat side that were in excess of 30 lbs. but they wanted nothing to do with the boat or net and disappeared into the abyss. For more info on Ireland‹s trophy pike fishing contact Alan Broderick at alan@irelandpike.com.
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