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Press Release: TALS 500- The Wade Fisherman's Dream...

TALS 500Many of us know some of the most exciting and adventuresome spin tackle fishing can be had outside the confines of a boat. Wading, float tubing, and kayaking are all increasing in popularity among spin fishermen. We who seek these “out of boat” experiences face similar problems storing our tackle. Multi pocketed vests, chest packs, and fanny packs haven’t provided us with a complete solution. Enter the TALS 500.

Anglers afoot, your tackle toting problems are over. STYCORP Ltd. (a product development company) of Watsontown, PA has nationally released the TALS 500 Wade Fishing System. Designed to provide spin fishermen with a complete and organized tackle storage system that can be worn in comfort as a chest pack, waist pack or satchel. The patented, twist action, side access TALS Tubes sets this tackle tote apart from the rest. These rotating, worm proof, storage tubes have an internal latching mechanism to prevent from jarring open and use hook and loop to secure inside the pack. Never before has it been so convenient to store spin tackle at your fingertips. The entire pack and tubes are ventilated for quick drying so there is no need to worry about storing wet tackle.

Whenever the pack is opened a fold down work tray emerges complete with elastic straps designed to secure pliers, hook removers, spinnerbaits and more. The work tray also acts as a rod holder freeing both hands to access tackle or tie a knot. On front of the pack are 2 side D-rings and a spacious, zipper pocket with 3 jar bait holders inside. The 420 denier nylon pack comes complete with 8 TALS Tubes in 4 different sizes accommodating all hard baits, spinners, and plastics up to 6” in length. A six point, fully adjustable, comfort harness eliminates neck strain and makes the pack a welcome all day wear. Additional TALS Tubes can be purchased separately. (1year manufacturers warranty)












U.S. Patent 5,934,464
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