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Here you can review what we like to call "TALS TIPS". These tips include suggestions from us and you on how to better utilize the TALS System. This includes fishing tips and other suggestions and uses for the TALS Tubes and accessories. If you would like to share a tip please click on the contact link and email us attention "TALS TIPS" and we will post your tip here.

  1. Securing your TALS tubes on your pack in a vertical fashion increasing their staying power.
  2. The TALS Tubes actually consist of 2 tubes put together that rotate around one another. You can take the tubes apart for cleaning, etc. by pulling briskly on one end while holding the other. Simply snap the tubes back together when done.
  3. When opening and closing the tubes with plastic baits (tube jigs, etc.) in them hold the tubes upside down so that the flat area (hook attachment area) is facing up at you. Then while holding the knurled end (or the inside tube) in place rotate the outer tube (or flat area) down. This prevents the thin plastic skirts and legs form getting caught between the two rotating tubes.
  4. To properly close or latch the tube before storing make sure you feel or hear the latch click into place. The logo on the tube window should be centered when tube is properly closed or latched.
  5. The quick close hook and loop tab at the top of the chest pack helps you close the pack without zipping it and also makes it much easier when you do zip it closed.
  6. The harness system on the pack is adjustable in many different ways as it as 6 connector points. You can wear it as a chest, waist or satchel pack. You can use it as a carry along or you can get creative and strap to a kayak, canoe, or belly boat.
  7. The Velcro® "Space Utilizer" strips are great for on the inside walls of canoes, under rod locker and storage lids, anywhere you have a smooth, flat surface that isn’t being utilized.
  8. The elastic rings (jar bait holders) in the front pocket of the TALS 500 works great for holding spare spinning reel spools.
  9. TALS Tubes are great for general use storage and organization in your boat, car, or shop.




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