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TALS Testimonials


“(TALS 600) Perfect fly fishing system, great for traveling. Versatile.”
D. Stephens, Cedar Park, Texas

“The TALS 500 Chest/Waist pack is a “need to have” as part of your fishing tackle. Anyone who wade fishes will really appreciate it. It is also great for those who fish from a canoe or bayou boat to give you more room in the boat not having to take a tackle box!”
G. Oliver, San Antonio, Texas

“Your T.A.L.S 500 system was the answer to my prayers. I‹ve been wade fishing the Mosquito Lagoon in Titusville, Florida for huge Redfish and Trout for many years. Your pack allows me the freedom to carry a large variety of plastics and plugs that are easily accessible and organized. The shoulder straps also allow me to sheath my rod high and out of the water while I tie lines and unhook fish. The overall quality of the product is excellent and I recommend my local store, The FLY Fisherman of Titusville and Orlando, FL. to carry it. Thanks again.”
Ted, Merrit Island, Florida

“Great Idea! Was so sick of sweating to death in chest waders during the Florida summers but needed them to carry my equipment. This (TALS 500) should be worth its weight in gold!”
T.N. Jupiter, Florida

“GREAT PRODUCT! (TALS 500 & 600) Someone was thinking, must have been a fisherman.”
H.G. Madisonville, Louisiana

“TALS 500 is a must for bank fisherman with lures. This pack is light weight, comfortable and eliminates stuffing lures in your pocket. This pack would also work great for any wading fisherman. Built strong and easy to use.”
J. Cotton, Jacksonville, Florida

†Good price and very convenient” (TALS 500).†
J. Lawson, Houma, Louisiana

“I highly recommend the TALS 500.”
L. Armstrong Tulsa, Oklahoma

“The TALS System makes carrying flies easier and much more manageable. I like the way the flies dry inside the TALS tubes. It (TALS 600) really helps when fishing with waders.”
P. Barnard, Steele, Alabama

“My kind of fishing is wade fishing and the TALS 500 is perfect for that. Light weight, comfortable, lures organized and easy to get at…I just can’t say enough about this product. I would recommend it to anyone who likes wading.”
R. Cantrell, Bulls Gap, Tennessee

“You just strap on the TALS 500 walk out to your fishing hole and you don’t have to worry about digging for your fishing tackle, cause it’s all right in front of you. Easy to use. Everyone should have one as part of their fishing accessories.”
R. Allison, Roswell, GA

“I recommend this product. I like all the storage space and the fact I could carry so many things easily and hands free. I really think this is a good and useful product.”
R. Rucker, Lewisville, NC




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