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TALS Testimonials


“Very handy and out of your way.”
D. Blair, Yuba City, CA

“It is a great idea!”
S. Hicks, Rosamond, CA

“The TALS tubes provided excellent storage devices and the fold down tray made changing gear easier on the river.”
T. Abney, Duvall, WA

“(TALS 500) Very handy for wade or tube fishing. Easy to use.”
J. Roberts, Albuquerque, NM

“I took the TALS 500 with me on a fishing trip for trout. I slipped on a rock and totally submerged it in the water. I was impressed that my gear was still with me, and my tackle was fine!”
J. Parker, Alta Loma, CA

“The TALS 500 Tackle System is a very effective tool that can be used by all fisherman. It provides the ability to transport only the lures and/or tackle needed for the days fishing instead of your whole tackle box, while providing excellent storage and organization capabilities. As well as a convenient work tray/rod holder and hands free carrying. The continuous air drying feature is excellent. A great product.”
R. Garner, Downey, CA

“The versatility of the TALS 500 in the way you wear it is great for tube fishing or for walking the shore line. Easy accessibility.”
R. Crow, Frazier Park, CA

“Great for quick morning outings where I do not want to take a lot of gear. Versatile and easy to use. Thanks for a great product, I am enjoying it.”
B. Juran, Valencia, CA

“I would recommend this item very highly to anyone fishing either streams, rivers, or cast and retrieve from the bank. Used with a float tube, it is great. No rummaging through vest pockets for a particular lure or fly. The TALS tubes make (lure & fly) selection quick and simple. The additional pouch on the front holds pliers, scales, and natural baits (eggs) very comfortable.”
F. Long, Reno, NV

“Best idea I’ve seen so far for keeping lures separated and at hands reach. I’ve been using small containers and a fanny pack but this is so much better. You don’t have to worry about losing everything in the water. A must for those who wade fish or use float tubes.”
V. Wells, Newman, CA

“I really like this chest pack (TALS 600). It made it very easy to change flies as I was wading the creek. The overall product is excellent.”
D. Warner, Chico, CA

“I would highly recommend this product. Very versatile.”
D. Doolittle, Phoenix, AZ




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